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Subtitling & Captioning

Make your words accessible with subtitles!

In the past decade Golden Translations has become specialized in multilingual subtitling. Our global subtitlers are highly experienced and work on a regular basis in the subtitling industry.

We create subtitles and closed captions (same language subtitling) for corporate videos, training and educational videos, TV, documentaries, films, and DVD. Our clients include TV broadcasters, production & post-production companies, marketing and SEO professionals and Youtube users.


Why subtitles?

• Expand your audience. Translating your video to other languages enables you to reach global markets at a relatively low cost. It is now well known that subtitles added to Youtube videos improve ranking (SEO) on search engines like Google and increase exposure to new audiences and traffic to your web content.

• Accessibility. Subtitles for the deaf and hearing-impaired can make your video accessible to a larger audience. However, accessibility is also good for all of us. Many people can benefit from subtitling: non-native speakers of the spoken language, elderly, children and those who wish to improve their literacy.

• Convey your message better. With subtitles the message is conveyed more clearly than without subtitles since it is assimilated in two simultaneous channels, audio and visual. Language Acquisition studies show that reading subtitles is compulsive and contributes to a better internalization of the message.

• Convenient. Sometimes we cannot or must not watch videos with sound on (workplace constraints, interference in your surroundings, etc). Some videos are even made with bad sound (outdoor video shooting, background noise). Subtitles enable you to “hear” the video with the sound off.


Professional translation and proofreading Websites, commercial, medical, legal and more

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Subtitling & Closed Captioning

Captioning for post-production, companies, subtitling studios SEO booster for Youtube videos Accessibility for hearing impaired

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Transcription & Voiceover

Voiceover Transcription of audio materials: lectures, videos, webinars, scripts and much more.A wide-ranging choice of professional voices.

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