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Desktop Publishing


When you translate a text that includes graphic design, illustrations, typesetting and other visual elements, you need Desktop Publishing (DTP).

DTP helps you make sure that the appearance of the final product is as similar to the original document as possible and maintains the spirit of the original design in the target language. DTP may also address issues like layout changes due to language variation, as in the case of Right-to-Left and special orthography in Hebrew.

DTP services are usually required in the creation of various products like books, user manuals, brochures, pamphlets, magazines, ads, catalogs, newspapers, flyers and other web-based or printed materials.

Our DTP services include:

  • Multilingual desktop publishing
  • Text formatting
  • Desktop publishing and typesetting
  • Layout designing

File Formats and Publishing Tools for DTP Translation

We are able to accommodate both Windows and Macintosh platforms and files created in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Office  Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Adobe Design Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Acrobat)

We usually offer our DTP services as a part of the complete translation process, but we also offer DTP services for translations done by another translation company or any third party.


Professional translation and proofreading Websites, commercial, medical, legal and more

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Subtitling & Closed Captioning

CaptioningFor post-production, companies, subtitling studios SEO booster for Youtube videos Accessibility for hearing impaired

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Transcription & Voiceover

VoiceoverTranscription of audio materials: lectures, videos, webinars, scripts and much more.A wide-ranging choice of professional voices.

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